Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Events Greek Party Night

Most of the people who hit Greece for their holidays do so year after year due to the unrivalled hospitality of the Greeks, most of them will go to a Greek Night where a waiter dances a couple of times and then some lucky punter gets to smash a plate...big wow

Here at the Morfeas we like to do things a little different, Table dancing, Fire dancing, Traditional Greek dances, Greek style conga blocking the streets of Kavos, a massive Greek BBQ style feast and of course your good old plate smashing, all this thrown in with Laodamas dance troop… THE BIGGEST and THE BEST on the island boasting a wide variation of traditional and modern routines, a must for the culture vultures but more than likely gonna awake the party animal in even the quietest of our guests! Without a doubt a Night to Remember…