Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Restaurant Morfeas

The Morfeas Lounge is an ideal place to have a few drinks in a great atmosphere with the best music. If you're peckish, we have a menu with more than 100 dishes to choose from. You can have anything you want and always at the best price and the best thing is all of the food is sourced locally, always fresh, the best of quality and cooked by our expert chef who just so happens to be the owner.

Enjoy the "Restaurant Morfeas", not your average run of the mill place to eat, , feast on Traditional Greek dishes as well as the taste of home, guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites and not to forget the finest steak you will ever have....


OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY!!! Do we need to say more? Morfeas Bar is probably the best place to Start and End your night in Kavos.

In the early evening you will find it to be quite chilled where you can enjoy a lovely meal listening to tunes served chilled by Dj Mickey. If you are into sports, come and watch all major sporting events such as the World Cup or the European Championships and cheer on your team. All live sports are shown on HD, whatever shaped ball you like to play with we will cater for your needs.

In the Night things change totally! Dj Mickey will be there with the rest of the Stuff to keep you Entertained. Nights can plan out many ways It can be a KARAOKE or Kamikaze Karaoke, it can be a Toga party or any kind of Theme Night we can come out with, It can be Anything It will be MORFEAS!

The last little thing As mentioned its a 24hour bar, The only 24hour Bar in Kavos! No matter what time you venture home you will find your night porter still serving and still open, expect to see some sights though as the revelers return from their carnage!