Morfeas Hotel - Corfu, Greece

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Events Pool Party

There's Pool Parties then there are POOL PARTIES!! The best entertainment, games of lunacy including Belly flop comps, drinking games, the ladies and gents of the Morfeas partying hard until they drop... 2 Djs will be there to create carnage spinning the wheels of steel and organizing all the crazy games. You simply cant stay at Morfeas and not be at the POOL PARTY!

Summer 2011-all season 8 people wanted to cancel as they ran out of money, they didnt and had the greatest night!!!!.....except one 77 year old lady who stated "not for meeee! But she stayed for the "FAMED MORFEAS MOUTH WATERING BBQ" we serve up that is cooked right in front of your eyes and you even have the option to go back for seconds but trust us, we doubt you will, its MASSIVE!!!

Summer 2012, a year like no other which saw Pool Party run into the beginning of September with a minimum of 130 People every time, hasnt happened since summer 94!

Pool Party will no doubt be the best Night of your Holiday. Dont take our word for it Search the web and you will know what we mean!